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Quick Question: What Is the Hardest Part of Developing a Game?

I have a quick question I’d like to get your answer to: what’s the hardest part of developing a game? Is it finding the assets, writing the code, making it fun, or just getting someone to play it?

I’ve listed seven areas of game development that people commonly state are the hardest part of actually making a game. In your experience, which is the most difficult? If you could get more help or assistance with one, which would you pick?

If your answer isn’t one of the seven above, feel free to add it to the poll or discuss it in the comments below!

Thanks – we’ll use this information to help us prioritise what tutorials and resources to provide for you in the future.

14 Criteria Buyers Consider When Purchasing Items

Image from PhotoDune

What do buyers consider when purchasing their items? It would be really helpful if authors knew the answer to that question. So ActiveDen and ThemeForest author Bedros asked.

What criteria do they consider? Do they search for items? What would make them return to the same author? What features are they after?

If you’d like to know how real live buyers answer those questions, then read on!

1. Source code is scrutinized.

  • I always switch off the CodeCanyon frame in preview mode and check src code of item, and view with firebug. (SportTipsWorld)

  • I look for clean code, where authors have taken the time to comment each sector where appropriate, this leads me to think if thy can be bothered to explain, then they understand and care about its use. (SportTipsWorld)

  • I also almost always remove the Envato frame as well. I also always look at the code – CSS , HTML and custom JS. I modify the items I buy extensively, and having good clean code is a high priority for me. (TwoJStudios)

  • What amazes me tho is still the amt of files that load js files in head. (SportTipsWorld)

  • As for protected src code files, there is no such thing for client side files. So that isnt an issue, moreover i like to see good segragation, ie not buy something that has one huge style.css file, that has more to do with the demo than what i really need, so more often than not we totally rebuild an item we buy to fit in with our remit. (SportTipsWorld)

  • I absolutely detest tho, the framework style of folderisation .. Assets folders with assetts folders nested within etc, its ridiculously painful to work with. (SportTipsWorld)

  • Well commented code. Even if I don’t have to go in the code of scripts I always check if the code is well commented. If this is the case that another proof for me that the author spend time on his product. (nokiko)

  • HTML themes should also be well commented. These will be used in various CMS systems so it should be easy for me to modify it and not having to go deep in the code and find out for myself where each item block starts or ends. (nokiko)

2. Badly rated items are often not even considered.

  • Author rating does play a role, but a very small one. (TwoJStudios)

  • I don’t look at themes with 3 stars except if I know the author. (CLINE123)

  • Second, when we need to buy a new theme, we check the ones that look suitable and then look at the rating. We don’t buy themes with less than 4 stars, yet we keep in mind that when only two people gave stars, this isn’t something to rely on. (MagentaManiacs)

  • Sixth, we give it our own rating, because we believe in the stars. (MagentaManiacs)

  • If an item has 3 stars or less, I won’t even consider it. (dwhitmore)

3. A demo or live preview is important.

  • I won’t buy anything without a live preview. (SportTipsWorld)

  • I too will not buy any item unless it has a live preview. (CSS Items must have a good vid.) No Preview = No buy for me. (TwoJStudios)

  • Of course there should be a perfect demo. If you want to win me over in buying an item I have to see how versatile something is especially in jQuery plugins if you have a basic a normal and a very different example this is proof enough for me to buy it. (nokiko)

  • Third we run the demo through a couple of tests to see how it reacts on devices, to see if everything works fast and is well programmed. (MagentaManiacs)

4. Buyers sometimes have favorite authors.

  • I don’t actually buy from any one particular author, but I do have preference to certain authors. (SportTipsWorld)

  • I check who the authors are, prioritize them: Any theme from AJ Clarke absolutely without question, authors I bought from before, Elite authors, silver paw and up, the rest based on the theme’s comments the ones I’m familiar with get priority, the lesser known ones I check the comments to gauge them. (CLINE123)

  • I have a few authors that I just buy each item they release because of the quality of the work. Even if I don’t have a project to use it for yet but the quality of the work I am accustomed to I am sure that i will find a use for it soon and this way I support that author to keep on making great items. (nokiko)

  • I find myself checking out out particular authors’ portfolios when one of their items really knocks me out/meets my client needs, but most of my decisions are based on whether the item fits the project, using searches on topic/subject/keyword. (tlacross)

5. Feedback from other buyers in the comments is influential.

  • I guess I base most of my purchases on feedback in the item’s comments. I look for comments that state that the item was easy to use/install. (TwoJStudios)

  • Fourth, when we find a good starred theme that looks and works the way we want, we head over to the comment section to read all comments, from first to last. That’s probably most important for us: great support. (MagentaManiacs)

  • Check for buyer comments to see if there are any potential issues or negative comments. (dwhitmore)

6. Authors look for an item that meets their need at the time.

  • I buy based on logic, and I don’t mean using logic. But I buy a product laterally based on achieving a result, that follows the logic of the item, and fulfils the logic of my requirement however loose that may be. (SportTipsWorld)

  • I shortlist at least 5 them- then check the features to see if I can live with the compromise. (CLINE123)

  • I find myself checking out out particular authors’ portfolios when one of their items really knocks me out/meets my client needs, but most of my decisions are based on whether the item fits the project, using searches on topic/subject/keyword. (tlacross)

7. The look and feel of the item is important.

  • I scan themes that have the LOOK and FEEL I visualized, regardless of what features/function they have. (CLINE123)

  • It’s all about the look and feel to me first before anything else. The theme must suit what I feel is best for my client. This means all these plain vanilla themes that’s been coming of the assembly line lately barely get 2 seconds of preview. (CLINE123)

8. Documentation must be excellent.

  • Documentation is a pre. Every feature should be well documented. If I can not find documentation in the live preview in a file that I am considering buying that I always ask the author to send a screenshot or a few pages so I can see how the documentation is setup. its not that I can;t code ur understand code but i don’t want to spend unnecessary time in understanding how it works. (nokiko)

  • For themes, I look for well-documented offerings and have noticed that the “Elite” authors seem to be much more professional in their support and the packaging of their template/themes, so I do look at those items first. (tlacross)

9. Responsiveness from authors is valued and looked for.

  • I also look for questions asked by the buyers that get responses from the author. Questions asked and never answered stick out for me as a no buy item. (TwoJStudios)

  • One thing that does bother me is when a question is asked, and the author responds with “answered in email”. More then once I have had the same question, and now have to contact the author instead of reading the fix/answer right there where it was asked previously. (TwoJStudios)

10. Unique and original items attract more attention.

  • If there is an item from a new or established author that is quite unique and original I just buy it to support the author even if I don’t have a use for it yet. As Orman Clark mentioned on twitter a lot of the themes lately look alike. Of course an author wants to make money so he creates what sells best so he looks at others best sellers. But ff ther are new authors that do it differently I support this buy buying the item. (nokiko)

  • The more cutting edge/unique the theme is, the better. (dwhitmore)

11. Newer items may be considered before older items.

  • I’ll shortlist newer themes first unless an old one stands out. (CLINE123)

  • Well, we check the new themes daily to keep a good overview of what’s happening out here. (MagentaManiacs)

12. Good support is valued.

  • Item support after the sale is probably #1 for me though I very rarely ask for support, it is nice knowing if I have any issues I can get help. (TwoJStudios)

13. Well-tagged items are easier to find.

  • I am a semi-frequent buyer (graphic/web designer) across several of the Envato marketplaces. I use the search functions a lot, and always appreciate properly-tagged items because I am usually on a deadline and trying to optimize! (tlacross)

14. The number of sales of an item is a consideration.

  • I also look at number of sales (very high might be a bit of a negative, very low makes me think twice about it, but in the end the quality is the tie-breaker.) (tlacross)

Well, that’s the end of the list as it stands at the moment. Did you find anything helpful or surprising? Let us know in the comments.

A huge thank you to Bedros for asking the question and starting the thread on the forums. And an even bigger thank you to the buyers who answered so helpfully.

And if you haven’t checked this forum thread out yet, it’s worth reading – even after finishing my summary. There’s a lot of discussion there that’s missed when presenting the answers as a list.

Featured Profile Image: nishagandhi +4

There are almost as many approaches to creating a profile image as there are authors. Some focus on showcasing artistic skills, others prioritize with slogans and company information. Some show their personal photo, while others display abstract forms. This one belongs to nishagandhi. Check below for four more! Which is your favorite, and why?






Freebie Black Friday: Freebies on AppStorm

The AppStorm team have been hard at work again. Here is a huge bunch of great free apps and web services they covered.


Evernote 5: Beauty Meets the Old Evernote ClientEvernote 5: Beauty Meets the Old Evernote Client

If you’ve read a few of my articles in Mac.Appstorm then you’ve probably seen how big of a fan I am of Evernote. It’s a wonderful service: not only does it let you create, organize, and share notes easily, but it also lets you keep everything synced up and accessible through many places, like their website, and the iOS, Android and Mac apps.

The Mac app has been around for some time now, and even though it gets continuous support and works just fine, it has been in need of a UI overhaul for a long time. Well, just a few days ago the Evernote team revealed a new update that will bring a complete re-do to the app, and just now we’ve had the opportunity to test out the beta version of the new Evernote 5. Let’s see what’s new!

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Imagine: A Cheap, Simple and Beautiful Writing AppImagine: A Cheap, Simple and Beautiful Writing App

We’ve shown you a fair share of distraction-free writing apps before, everything from markdown editing apps to other more intricate apps that can get you writing a novel by playing sounds and placing images to get you in a creative mood. However, today we’re going to show you an even simpler and cheaper alternative to all the other apps we’ve showcased before.

It’s called Imagine. Instead of just imagining how it’d be to write with, let’s take a look at it and see how it holds up to the competition.

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Pixlr: Simple Filters to Advanced EditingPixlr: Simple Filters to Advanced Editing

Last month on Web.Appstorm, I looked at PhotoRaster, an advanced online photo editor which really impressed us. Today, we have another web app called Pixlr, which is another twist on online photo editing.

While PhotoRaster, like most image editing apps, is a sole app that gives you tons of options, Pixlr is a photo editor split into three different apps. Each of these is built for a specific purpose, and you’ll likely find yourself only using one of the 3 Pixlr apps. In this article I’m going to cover each one so you can see which one is for you!

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Alto: AOL’s Newest Email ClientAlto: AOL’s Newest Email Client

When I think of AOL, I cannot help but also think about the “You’ve Got Mail” tone that they made famous. As you take a look back on email, AOL was a pioneer in the field as they were one of the first companies to offer it to the masses, way back in the late 90′s. But outside of that and Instant Messenger, they have been very quiet now for quite some time.

Well, that all has changed recently, with their newly, upgraded email client called Alto. Yes, email has come a long way since AOL last came out with a client, and some would even say it is an already crowded space. When I got into the beta for this, the main thing that I wanted to see was whether or not this could replace the apps I currently use for email. I tried to use it by itself for the last couple of weeks and I came away with some interesting thoughts about it.

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Timetastic Helps Manage Team Vacations and LeavesTimetastic Helps Manage Team Vacations and Leaves

If you’re managing a team, it can get very hard to keep a track of vacation time. With the holidays coming up, you don’t want to be caught in a situation where all your employees are out of office at the same time, unless you’re really planned for it. If you happen to have many freelancers working for your company, it can be especially hard to figure out who’s going to be unavailable, when.

Timetastic is a fantastic little tool that helps you manage leaves for people in your organization, and is loaded with options that make it a must-have for anyone responsible for the smooth functionality of a team. It’s even got a nice design. Let’s take a look.

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Build With Chrome: Lego + Google Maps = Super Fun!Build With Chrome: Lego + Google Maps = Super Fun!

I can’t tell you how many hours of my childhood have gone into building elaborate forts, spaceships or construction sites with Lego, the block-building toy that captured every kid’s fancy and continues to do so. I really thought that this generation wouldn’t find much appreciation for it until my nephew got his first Lego kit and spent a chunk of his vacation letting his imagination go wild with a bunch of little red bricks and yellow men.

And then I came across Build With Chrome.

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PublikDemand: The Social Better Business BureauPublikDemand: The Social Better Business Bureau

These days, businesses are just so competitive. They are driven by the motivation to match their competition feature by feature. So, there aren’t many distinguishing traits or USPs for products and services to stand apart. That is, except when it comes offering their customers exceptional support.

We are better off forking a bit more money for a brand that promises to treat us with respect when knocking their doors for help. Such decisions end up saving a lot of time and frustration of dealing with indifferent and rude support people. Sadly, this doesn’t work all the time and you might have to fight hard with a brand to get your issue resolved.

Fighting alone against a brand to get heard is an uphill task. But, the same is going to be a whole lot different if you fight alongside hundreds or thousands of people facing the same problem. That’s where PublikDemand comes in.

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Speed Up Your Typing with Typing KaraokeSpeed Up Your Typing with Typing Karaoke

Remember Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing? Wouldn’t it be cool if someone wrenched it out from its stuffy confines of edutainment and wrapped it in a colorful, more “gamey” and fun package?

Turns out, they did, sort of. Typing Karaoke is like a prototype for a Mavis Beacon meets SingStar game, and it’s fantastic — both as an aide to improving your typing skills and as a fun way to pass the time.

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Find Great Dishes, Not Just Restaurants, With FoodspottingFind Great Dishes, Not Just Restaurants, With Foodspotting

The world loves food. Even if you may not be a foodie, there has to have been a time when you came across a dish and it brought you instant joy. As Voltaire put it, nothing would be more tiresome than eating and drinking if God had not made them a pleasure as well as a necessity.

And given our obsession with what we put in our mouths, it’s no surprise that there are tons of web apps that focus on helping you find good restaurants to eat at. But that just tells you where to eat at, not what to eat there. Foodspotting wants to fill that void.

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Mirrorgram: a Funhouse in Your iPhoneMirrorgram: a Funhouse in Your iPhone

I’m a sucker for fancy photo apps. I want to go beyond Instagram effects and do really fun things with my images, like animate my cat or put moustaches on all of my friends. Sure, my definition of fun may not be the same as the next guy’s, but there’s no denying the iPhone has made us all amateur photographers, and all our photo editing apps let us make something really special with our pictures.

Mirrorgram is such an app, helping you create really imaginative images in a flash. Like the name implies, you’ll be creating a mirrored copy of your image. However, the features and sharing options go beyond just simple image editing, allowing you to create tiny works of iPhone art.

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Create Beautiful Polls with PolarCreate Beautiful Polls with Polar

More often than my brothers would like to admit, I like to poll people about some discussion we’re having at the moment. These are usually strangers, and it’s usually a handful that I don’t think will hit or mace me. I’m happy to announce that I no longer need to do that, thanks to an app by Input Factory Inc. called Polar, which lets you poll complete strangers without the awkward initial conversation. Let’s see how it stacks up.

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Matchbook: Keep Notes on Where to GoMatchbook: Keep Notes on Where to Go

Long before racking up check-in badges on Foursquare, social butterflies collected matchbooks to document their journeys. As they evolved into scenesters, they were tasked with memorizing all those places to which they frolicked. But there’s also an added pressure of keeping tabs on new spots that may have opened up, as well as friends continuously counting on you for recommendations.

It’s a huge responsibility to know about every hot new locale, along with what a venue is good for and where exactly it’s located. Thankfully, Matchbook aims to be your digital notebook for such content. With a few touches of the screen, the app will remember where you’ve been as well as keep track of those places you’ve yet to go. Each category can be filtered, just in case you plan to visit a certain neighborhood or want to check out a new hotspot.

Can Matchbook be the all-encompassing guide you need to direct you around the city and keep track of the venues you’ve conquered along the way? Find out after the jump.

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Compose Minimalist Notes with Squarespace NoteCompose Minimalist Notes with Squarespace Note

Note-taking apps for the iPhone are hardly scarce, with many third-party options available for a device that ships with a stock Notes app fully integrated into it’s own cloud-based sync services. While Squarespace is best known as a blogging platform, the company recently pushed out a note-taking app of their own, Squarespace Note.

Squarespace Note is a minimalist note-taking app that syncs your textual memos with a variety of services including Squarespace itself, Evernote and Dropbox. It’s advertised not as an independent note-taking app, but rather a proxy for your other subscribed services.

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LearnVest: Learning to Grow Your FinancesLearnVest: Learning to Grow Your Finances

LearnVest started out in 2010 with the mission of educating and empowering women to take control of their finances. With financial planning tools and online workshops, access to financial planning professionals (for a fee), and a free budgeting tool that rivals anything Mint.com or others have come up with, LearnVest has shown that it’s not playing around. What it’s lacked, though, is an app that puts the tools you find in your browser in your phone.

With a recent site refresh and SEC registration as a financial planner, LearnVest is adding more tools to the financial toolkit, including (finally), their own iOS app. While LearnVest still lets you know right on their mission page that their target demographic is women, everyone can use a little help, and their slick budgeting tool may be enough to make you make the switch.

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Dead Trigger: Console Gaming Gone MobileDead Trigger: Console Gaming Gone Mobile

What’s more fun than an action packed, zombie killing, adrenaline rushing, high speed intense game? Well the answer is simple. All of that in the palm of your hands! As a perfect example of console gaming gone mobile, Dead Trigger brings the first person shooting experience that we’ve all associated from the console straight to the iPhone.

Through its stunning graphics and heart-racing gameplay, Dead Trigger is easily one of the most notable zombie FPS apps available for the iPhone. Its intense quests will have even the most experienced zombie players at the edge of their seats.

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Letris & Friends: Competitive Word PuzzlesLetris & Friends: Competitive Word Puzzles

Words with Friends’ popularity peak seems like it was a millennium ago. But one thing was proven when it was at the top: gamers — both casual and habitual — love word games. They also love another time-tested favorite that features falling pieces and goes by the name of Tetris.

Combine elements of the two and it adds up to Letris & Friends, the three-in-one word game app that features competitive finds, disappearing blocks and snaking searches that you can engage in with your buddies.

Aiming to be the last word on letter-focused puzzle apps, find out what fun awaits you within Letris & Friends after the break.

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Learnist Introduces a Multimedia Educational ExperienceLearnist Introduces a Multimedia Educational Experience

Grockit, which calls itself the social learning company, specializes in collaborative online test preparation for those studying to take the GMAT, GRE, LSAT, SAT, ACT and other university-related exams. But now the company is expanding its vision with Learnist, an app designed to let anyone learn more about, well, pretty much anything. Think of it as the Pinterest for education.

Or for informative multimedia, at the very least, which you can curate on any subject, and also share with others. Click “more” to see what it’s all about.

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Google Search: Siri’s Worst Nightmare?Google Search: Siri’s Worst Nightmare?

Every so often, an app comes along that changes the game in it’s respective category. Shazam revolutionized how people identified songs. Instagram changed the way people capture and share photos. Evernote made it incredible easy to share notes across multiple platforms. While it’s become increasingly difficult for apps to change how people do certain things, it’s all the more impressive when one does.

When it was originally released for the iPad in 2010, Google Search certainly wasn’t a game changer. It provided a easy way to use the world’s favorite search engine, but it definitely wasn’t a replacement for Safari. However, with the release of version 2.5, Google Search now offers a voice search functionality that rivals Apple’s baked in voice function, Siri. Join us after the jump to learn more about Google’s new streaming voice search.

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Aviary: Pushing the Limits of Mobile Image EditingAviary: Pushing the Limits of Mobile Image Editing

I have been a huge admirer of Aviary for a long time now. I don’t use their web apps often, but I’m in awe at them for showing the world what web apps are capable of. The range and quality of their toolkit on the web is praiseworthy. It’s no wonder that the developers have started licensing their toolkit.

Image editing in the mobile phone genre is largely powered by Aviary, and the most famous example of this is the recently launched Twitpic app. Not just comfortable being in the background, Aviary has launched its official iOS app in the app store. Let’s go check out how functional it is.

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Navigate and Explore the Play Store’s Maze With MapsaurusNavigate and Explore the Play Store’s Maze With Mapsaurus

Mapsaurus is a rich and easy to use discovery application that presents app recommendations in a rich, visual format. If you are reading this right now, it’s probably safe to assume you take an interest in new and exciting apps and games and, as such, I’m sure you’re already aware of applications that help you find the latest and greatest titles in the Google Play Store.

Mapsaurus is one such application, but instead of insipid lists of apps for you to randomly peruse, it displays recommendations in a really cool way.

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Catch Notes: Capture Notes Anywhere and Store Them in the CloudCatch Notes: Capture Notes Anywhere and Store Them in the Cloud

As a student I’m always taking notes on the go thanks to a small notepad and pen that I keep with me almost all the time. The problem is that you can always forget your notepad or your pen could run out of ink. However, one thing that you never forget is your smartphone.

A great number of applications on the Play Store can act as your notepad, but there’s one that caught my eye. Catch Notes is a great way to create, manage and share notes. Not only that, but Catch is designed for collaborative note talking – perfect for any small project you might be cooking up with your friends and colleagues.

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Customize Your Recipes With The Baker AppCustomize Your Recipes With The Baker App

Most cooking apps for Android are rather straightforward, as cooking involves less time spent using the app and more time doing the actual task at hand. That’s pretty understandable, and as an occassional food maker, I have been content with whatever cooking app I had installed at the moment — until I came across The Baker App. This app not only got my attention, it also motivated me to venture into the exciting world of baking. It’s not every day that I get unusually excited about a cooking app, but The Baker App is obviously an exception.

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VLC Media Player Comes to AndroidVLC Media Player Comes to Android

When it comes to media playback on the desktop, few media players enjoy the kind of ubiquitous love that VLC media player from VideoLan does. Over the last few years, VLC has become *the* app of choice for playing all kinds of video and audio files without the hassle of worrying about comapatibility and downloading codecs. The app has been available on a whole host of platforms including Mac, Windows and Linux, but has taken a while to arrive on mobile operating systems — barring a short unofficial stint on iOS before being pulled from the App Store.

All that is about to change now, with the release of the public beta of VLC Media Player for Android on the Play Store. Although it wasn’t the most full featured of apps when it was announced a few months back, the development team has been hard at work adding features at a steady pace along with UI and compatibility enhancements. We will take a look at the current version of the app to try and see how well it stacks up against the host of very capable alternatives that have already established themselves on Android.

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Virgin Train Tickets: Book Your Trains Easy!Virgin Train Tickets: Book Your Trains Easy!

Booking your transport is always a difficult task. Finding the cheapest fares for your specific destination is something which is necessary but time consuming. There are many apps which relate to flights, but, there seems to be much less that allow you to book train tickets directly. Virgin Train Tickets is an apps which helps you to book trains all over mainland UK quickly and securely.

Not only does this app book your tickets, it also lets you track the ones you’ve already purchased. With all the data in the same place you’ll never miss a train again. Read on to find out more!

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Get Organized With TasksGet Organized With Tasks

I am one of those people who has the compulsive need to be so darn punctual and pre-plan every tiny bit of thing that happens around me. I have multiple apps that keep me organised on my desktop but I have been searching for a good mobile app for days and I finally came across Tasks.

Tasks is a simple but an excellent app for planning and organising your day to day affairs. It gives you the luxury of creating to-do lists, notes, project and add multiple to-do tasks and notes to it. Is it worth your time? Let’s find out!

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Keep Your PC Malware Free With MalwarebytesKeep Your PC Malware Free With Malwarebytes

The internet can be a malicious environment if you’re not careful. There are safety precautions that are important to abide by while browsing the web. However, if you happen to be caught off guard and find yourself with an infected PC, completely removing the malware is absolutely vital in order to resume your day-to-day activities.

While there are many tools available that will scan and remove malware from your system, one particular program known as Malwarebytes has been my trusted partner in crime for many years. Malwarebytes is a free anti-malware application that has a reputation for finding just about any trace of malicious software and removing it without leaving any evidence of the offending software’s existence.

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Review: SnapCrab Makes Screen Grabbing & Sharing SimpleReview: SnapCrab Makes Screen Grabbing & Sharing Simple

Think about screen grabbing and two ideas probably spring to mind – hitting the Prnt Scr key or using SnagIt. Taking the later route is a little primitive, while opting to using the latter means having to part with a little cash. SnapCrab – yes, crab, not grab – is a free, highly configurable screen grabbing tool that could just become your new best friend.

At its heart, SnapCrab is very much what you would expect, but it also goes far beyond the capabilities of many other similar tools, and all without requiring you to part with a penny. Whether you are a blogger, a web site owner, a writer or just have some other need to taker screenshots on a regular basis, this may be the tool that makes you rethink the way you work.

As well as being free, SnapCrab is also very small. The fact this is light on resources means that it is an ideal tool for anyone working on the move on a laptop which is not necessary the most powerful machine in the world. This is a relatively new piece of software, it has only hit version 1.0.3, but it boasts a stability and feature set that programs of several years’ standing would be jealous of.

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WordWeb: The Only Dictionary App You’ll Ever NeedWordWeb: The Only Dictionary App You’ll Ever Need

NaNoWriMo is upon us, and if you’re a writer, this is one tool you must have in your arsenal. I have been using WordWeb for as long as I can remember and it’s among the first few programs I install on any new PC.

WordWeb is a dictionary and thesaurus tool for Windows, iOS and Android. And if you thought that the new Windows 8’s global dictionary reduces a need for this, think again. WordWeb is infinitely more user-friendly, features several more options and is just as unobtrusive while doing all that.

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Explore Cities Like a Local With NowFloatsExplore Cities Like a Local With NowFloats

It’s amazing how, today, with a smartphone you have information about virtually everything at your fingertips wherever you go. And location-based apps take things a step further by allowing you to find friends nearby, search for restaurants in your area and see how bad traffic is en route to your next destination. But have you ever wished your phone could just tell you about great things to eat/see/do/buy around where you are, when you’re there?

That’s exactly what NowFloats is all about — it’s a new, personal way to discover what’s interesting wherever you are, through tips and thoughts shared by other users, and updates on events and special offers. It’s perfect for exploring cities you’re unfmailiar with or even stumbling upon something you never knew about in your own neighbourhood. Let’s take a look at how it works, shall we?

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Toolbox for Windows 8: A Veritable Swiss Army KnifeToolbox for Windows 8: A Veritable Swiss Army Knife

Windows 8 already offers limited multitasking functionality within it’s Modern UI, through it’s unique snap split view implementation. Toolbox, by Vectorform, takes multitasking a step further and allows users to split it’s application into up to 6 different applications, or Tools as they are called. Is Toolbox a worthy tool to add to your Windows 8 app arsenal? Let find out!

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